Friday, December 29, 2017

Feeling Stressed Out? Your Mattress May Be To Blame

When looking at the mattresses San Diego has for sale, you might be wondering whether you really need a new mattress.  Is your current mattress more than 10 years old?  If so, experts say it’s time to replace it.  Even if it’s less than 10 years old, you may have been noticing yourself tossing and turning each night, unable to get comfortable.  That inability to let your body sink into the restorative levels of deep sleep might just be impacting more than your aching back and neck.

Lack Of Sleep Causes Stress

Are you feeling more anxious, stressed out, and upset lately?  Before you blame tensions at the office or the jerks on your daily commute, here’s an interesting fact: scientists have found that not only can stress disrupt sleep, but lack of sleep can actually exacerbate or even cause feelings of stress and anxiety.  Without regular, adequate amounts of deep sleep, your body’s regulation systems can’t produce the balanced hormones you need to feel your best.

Stress Causes Lack Of Sleep

While we can all remember having a sleepless night while worrying about some large problem, stress doesn’t have to be intense to disrupt your sleep habits.  One study found that even working in a job where employees have to pretend to be cheerful all day--which causes mild, constant anxiety--can cause a significant spike in insomnia.  If you’re keeping track, you’re realizing that we’ve now got the makings of a vicious circle.  If stress causes a lack of sleep, and lack of sleep causes stress, how on earth can you get enough rest, short of moving to a Zen monastery?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Will 2018 Be Your Year Of Rest?

We all tend to make resolutions in January, whether to lose weight, exercise more, or be better with our finances.  But what about the resolution to sleep more?  With sleep at the core of so much of your health and well-being, did you know a visit to one of the best mattress stores in Orange County might just be the best first step of all?

Be More Patient

Did you resolve to be less snappish and more patient with your family and friends this year?  Do you feel bad about raising your voice, or making snarky or sarcastic comments?  Consider whether perhaps your impatience isn’t entirely a character flaw: did you know that lack of sleep has a profound effect on both your mood and your ability to control what you say?  If you want to be able to watch your words more carefully this year, evaluate your sleep habits.  If you routinely get less than 6 hours of sleep per night, you’re going to find it difficult to be patient no matter how much you want to.

Have More Willpower

Willpower is important for everything from making good food choices to being smart with your spending, but it’s also a finite resource.  Being under-slept keeps the part of your brain responsible for willpower from recovering, and this makes it especially difficult to stick with your commitments.  You want to be able to resist that doughnut at work, or keep putting your money in a savings account?  Get to bed on time.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Workouts Keeping You Awake?

You’re trying to be healthy, so you’re giving your workout everything you’ve got.  You’re eating right, including being careful not to eat anything after dinner.  You’re getting to bed on time--but you’re sleeping terribly!  Why is this happening?  Surprisingly for many, it could be that the way you’re working out is impacting your sleep.

Hungry Muscles

Pushing yourself in the gym is great for sculpting muscles and building fitness, but it also depletes your body of glycogen, the spare fuel that is stored inside your muscles.  If you’re finding yourself tossing and turning after a hard workout, unable to get comfortable, there are a couple of possibilities about why.

1. Is It The Bed?

Take a stroll through a few of the best Orange County mattress stores, and even try out a couple of the mattresses.  How do they compare to your current mattress?  If they are noticeably more comfortable, it’s time to start thinking about replacing your mattress.  Generally experts recommend keeping a mattress no longer than 10 years, but if it starts to feel uncomfortable before that (say, 7 years if you spend a lot of time in bed), then don’t live with pain and the inferior recovery caused by lack of sleep: get a quality mattress as soon as possible.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

How Upgrading Your Orange County Mattress Can Help You Lose Weight

As we begin the new year, many people are looking to increase their fitness, drop a few pounds, or get more organized.  You might already have a new pair of running shoes, but did you know a stop at an Orange County mattress store might be the secret to weight loss success?

Sleep Yourself Skinny

An uncomfortable, old, or worn-out mattress can keep you tossing and turning all night.  This does more than just make you tired the next day: it can prevent you from reaching the deep, restorative levels of sleep your body needs to bounce back from strain.  It makes sense that physical exertion, like a new exercise program, would require more sleep, but did you know that weight loss itself can impact your need for rest?

Set Yourself Up For Success

While 40% of Americans get only about six hours of sleep (or less!), running on empty can actually cause weight gain.  This happens both because of the lack of restorative sleep, and because lack of sleep affects your brain.  That’s right, it’s been scientifically shown that when you’re underslept, you feel hungrier, lack willpower, lack focus, and crave more caloric foods.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mattress Stores Orange County: Fitness Begins In The Bedroom

When you’re drawing up a plan to revamp your fitness, don’t just focus on finding the perfect trainer or set of running shoes.  A stop at one of the mattress stores Orange County has available might be the best first step.  Read on to find out whether your old mattress preventing you from sleeping, and keeping you from reaching your performance goals.

Sleep Like A Pro

Most of us are just weekend warriors, but we can learn from those for whom excellent athletic performance is their job: professional athletes.  Sleep scientists have found that adding just one extra hour of sleep can dramatically increase pro athletes’ performance, to the point that some teams with traditional two-a-day practice times had better outcomes by skipping a morning practice to enable their players to sleep longer.  This is why it’s worth making sure you have a good mattress, since an old, uncomfortable mattress can lead to tossing and turning, preventing the deep restorative sleep that’s so important.

Take Your Muscles Back To School

The brain needs sleep in order to keep your memory in good working order.  You may already know that without a good night’s rest, it’s difficult for children to do well in school.  However, emerging research is suggesting that solid sleep is also necessary for muscle memory to work properly.  That’s right: if you’re struggling to master a new move, gain explosive power, or increase your speed, the answer might not be in more repetitions or hours training.  Instead, it may begin the night before, when you choose a couple extra hours of shuteye over clicking “next episode”.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Keeping Your Resolutions? Start At The Mattress Sale Orange County Has On Now!

While many of us like to make resolutions this time of year, you may not have suspected that the  mattress sale Orange County has available could be the key to actually achieving your goals in 2018.  That’s right: an old, uncomfortable, or worn-out mattress can impact your sleep, and not getting enough sleep can hold you back.

Go Hard, Rest Hard

If you like to exercise, you may already know that an intense workout must be balanced by an equally intense rest period.  Indeed, Olympic athletes often sleep 10-14 hours per night when they’re competing.  It makes sense that physical exertion requires extra rest, since muscles repair and recharge during sleep.  What is less intuitive is the effect that sleep, or lack thereof, can have on your thinking ability and willpower.

Sleep Keeps You Smart

Here’s a disturbing thought: a night without sleep can affect you in the same way as having a couple of drinks.  As little as missing a few hours can play havoc with your hormones, leave you feeling irritable, hungry, and foggy-headed the next day.  Your brain is a complicated organ that needs sleep in order to recharge itself and keep your memory in tip-top shape.  What does this mean, practically?  Even if you don’t think you “feel” the lack of sleep, your problem-solving ability is hampered after a wakeful night, and--most important to resolution-keepers--the part of your brain that regulates your willpower is less effective.  Want to keep up that workout schedule or stay on your diet? Get to bed!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mattress Sale San Diego: Dressing Your Perfect Bed

So you did it: you found the perfect bed at the mattress sale San Diego has available.  Now, your old sheets and blankets might not be the right size, or maybe they just look shabby compared to your beautiful new bed.  You’d like to get some new ones--but how do you know which linens are the best for you?  Read on for our handy bedding guide, and get ready for the best night’s sleep of your life.

1. Consider Your Needs

The most important part of choosing the right linens involves assessing your own lifestyle, sleep style, and needs.  Do you have allergies?  Do you share a bed with a partner who sleeps hotter or colder than you do?  How about climate, ecological concerns, or simple preference?  Write down any concerns that have been nagging at you, and then move on to the next step.

2. Start With A Mattress Cover Or Pad

These days, mattress covers can do more than just keep your mattress fresh and stain-free.  They can protect against dust mite infestation and other allergen issues, and some of them can even help keep you warm (like electric mattress pads) or cool (mattress pads filled with a cooling gel).  Considering the investment you’ve just made in a new mattress, spending enough to ensure that you’ve got a quality mattress cover is a smart move.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mattresses San Diego: Choosing The Perfect Mattress Cover

You’ve chosen among all the mattresses San Diego has available, finally getting the best bed for you.  Your new mattress is comfortable, fresh, and looks amazing.  But life happens, especially if you’ve got kids, pets, or are like most folks and occasionally eat or drink in bed (say, while you’re recovering from illness).  How can you protect your new mattress against stains and odors?  By choosing one of today’s high-quality mattress covers.  Read on to find out which criteria you should be shopping for to keep your new bed looking, smelling, and feeling great.

What Do You Need To Protect Against?

Before starting your shopping, take a moment to think about how you intend to use your new mattress.  Is this going to be an occasionally-used guest bed, or do you intend to sleep on it every night? Who is going to be using the bed?  Do you have pets, children, allergies, or any other special considerations?  Finally, do you want padding or other comfort enhancement, simple dust and stain protection, or both?

1. Protect Against Wear And Tear: A Cotton Cover

Are you dressing a seldom-used bed?  In that case, your optimum choice is a simple cotton mattress cover, designed to prevent basic wear and tear of the mattress and provide a barrier against dust.  A regular cotton cover isn’t waterproof, so this is not a good choice for a child’s bed, and because it doesn’t protect against dust mites, the cover should be laundered as often as you launder your sheets.

2. Protect Against Stains: A Waterproof Cover

Many people need to provide a bed for children or people with incontinence problems, and a waterproof mattress cover is a necessity in this case.  Look for a cover that can provide waterproof protection for the entire mattress.  While modern waterproof covers are much more cloth-like and less “crinkly” than old-school plastic mattress pads, some people find that layering a normal cotton mattress cover over the waterproof cover is more comfortable.