Thursday, November 9, 2017

Mattress Stores Orange County: Shopping For Better Grades

When you were doing back to school shopping for your child, a stop at one of the mattress stores Orange County has available may not have been the first idea on your list. But sleep scientists are beginning to realize that without a good night’s sleep, learning is far more difficult — and remembering what we learn might be impacted, too.
How Sleep Helps Us Learn
Your brain has a complex set of maintenance tasks to do each night when you drift off to dreamland. There are physical tasks that involve cleaning up chemical residue of your day’s work thinking, but there are also memory tasks: sleeping, especially the type of sleeping where you dream, is necessary for you to absorb, remember, and be able to use new information. Without sleep, all these functions are inhibited.

Finding Your Best Sleep At The Mattress Sale Orange County Has On Now

Most people stroll into an event like the mattress sale Orange County looking for a new bed. Perhaps they would have taken action to replace their old, worn-out mattress sooner if they knew that a good night’s sleep is important for more than just their physical health — it can impact the health of their relationships.
Who’s The Boss?
Your brain is a complicated organ that does a lot of tasks simultaneously. Sleep scientists are beginning to realize that sleep deprivation can cause a “disconnect” between the part of your brain that produces emotions like fear and aggression and the part that regulates it (or makes sure that you express your feelings in a socially acceptable way). What does that mean to a layperson? If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re not as much in control of what you say and do as you think you are. Your feelings — particularly your bad feelings — are more intense, and how you react to them is equally intense.

Mattress Sale San Diego: How To Get The Best Quality

If your old mattress has seen better days, the mattress sale San Diego has available may be your best chance to replace it. But most people don’t want to spend their weekend wandering from showroom to showroom, trying mattresses randomly. Is there a way to make sure that you get the best bargain, and the best quality, in the least amount of time?
Know What You’re Looking For
Like any shopping trip, choosing a new mattress goes a lot faster if you have an idea of what you want before you step into the store. What size bed are you looking for? Are you looking for a traditional innerspring mattress, or one of the modern memory foam versions? Will you need a platform or frame, or are you just in the market for a mattress? What about box springs?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Best Mattresses San Diego: What Benefits Of Healthy Sleep Could You Be Missing?

Maybe your old mattress is a pain in the neck (or back), or maybe you’re looking at the mattresses San Diego has available to make sure your house is ready to receive guests this holiday season.  Whatever has you in the market for a new bed, remember to prioritize your own sleep with a quality mattress.  There are some surprising benefits to getting a healthy night of zzz’s:

Less Inflammation

Inflammation in the body can be a good thing, when your body is trying to kick a virus and you run a temperature or when your body is healing a cut.  But when the body experiences long-term or chronic inflammation, it can cause pain, the breakdown of certain tissues, and even hormonal imbalances.  Your body expects you to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night, during which time it repairs your tissues and resets your hormones.  Getting enough sleep can minimize your inflammation, which in turn can improve everything from weight loss efforts to arthritis pain.

Get Smarter

Did you know that you’re smarter when you’re well-rested?  People know that if they’re feeling exhausted they have difficulty with precise mental tasks like math or puzzle solving.  But few people realize that lack of sleep can also impact your willpower, decision-making ability, and even your food cravings.  Do you want to be at your best for a difficult meeting?  Then make sure that you get your rest the night before.