Thursday, September 15, 2016

Facts About Sleep That You Don't Know

Sleeping is one of the most critical components in our lives. It is interesting however that we still know little about napping. Numerous questions come up when we think about sleep. One such question is, why do we go to bed and why are we doing it? So before you hit your mattress tonight, let me tell you some totally amazing facts about sleep.

Newborn babies get to steal 1,055 hours of sleep from their parents. Based on the facts from Medical Daily, new parents sacrifice a total of 44 days of sleep per year from their lovely, sleepless newborn babies.

A human being can sleep without closing their eyes. People can sleep without closing their eyes like fishes do. That creates confusion whether the individual is sleeping or not, though.

Heights disturbs your sleep. When you visit higher places like mountains, it will be difficult for you to go to sleep. The lack of oxygen on the heights can give way to insomnia attacks so always remember this before camping or hiking up in the mountains.

Certain fantasies or dreams are projected in black and white. The interesting review reveals that 12% of people dream dreams in black and white. 75 percent were dreams of people who have colored televisions are available at home.

We are the only mammals that can postpone sleep. We have the ability to make the body stop falling asleep especially if we are not finished watching or reading interesting things.

The maximum period recorded of a man without sleep is 11 days. It is not advisable to stay awake for days as ill effects to the body are expected to arise similar to what happened to the Chinese guy who tried to stay awake for 11 days just to watch football and died from exhaustion. The one who’s got the record in 1964, Randy Gardner, battled tiredness and endured excessive sleep deprivation after his adventure.

Unknown people in your dreams are not strangers. It feels weird seeing someone in your dream that you are not familiar with. You may not know them in person, but you might have passed them by or seen them once before. Our brains are not able to create people, but it can project familiar faces.

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