Thursday, September 15, 2016

Celebrity Secrets: Who's Sleeping and Who's Not?

The world famous celebrities run an amazing and usually wild crazy lives. Touring for concerts, crazy film schedules, flying out and about across the country on short notice, etc. With their fame and lifestyle, it is not a surprise to us that the time they spend sleeping on their mattress is not that important. Insomnia and drug dependency have been involved in some world celebrity deaths, highlighting the problem of how unsafe sleep issues can be if not corrected.

For other celebrities, what would their nights be without tossing and turning? Here are some gathered list of celebrities, old and new, who have shared their strange sleep problems. Check out who’s getting enough sleep and who spends their time on their mattress wide-awake.

Renee Zellweger

It shows that as an effect of how busy her schedule is, Miss Zellweger did not have time to sleep properly when she went on a 10-country promotional tour for the movie Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Exhausted people, celebrities or not, have issues relaxing and may stay awake troubling about their duties the next day.  Specialists propose a routine bedtime relaxation before bedtime. It might be an hour or two to get your body progress into sleep mode.

Jennifer Lopez

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez place importance on having enough rest and sleep. The actress -turned-singer revealed that eight hours of sleep every night is her top beauty secret. The singer once said, “Sleep is my weapon, and I try to get eight hours a night, I think what works best is sleep, water, and a good cleanser.”
However, when the twins were born in 2008, she has to give up some of her beauty sleep. She says that the babies were holding her awake all night long until 6 a.m.

Mariah Carey

When it comes to singer Mariah Carey who is  39, she takes sleeping to a new level. She says, "I've got to sleep 15 hours to sing the way I want to," she stated in an interview in 2007. Most of the grown-ups only require seven to nine hours a night. Doctors find it already strange if one sleeps half the day away. She also told one magazine about her humidifier habit: she has 20 humidifiers around her bed and says that it feels like sleeping in a steam room. The fact is, humidifiers moisten dry air and soothe sore throats, which helps her sing beautifully.

Everyone has a routine before they go to bed, and there is always room for progress. It does not matter if you're a celebrity or an average Joe/Josie, we can learn from each other when it comes to spending quality time in our mattress.

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