Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Firm or Soft: What's the Right Mattress for you?

Mattresses come in all shapes, texture, and sizes thus it is important that you select the right type of Orange County mattress for you to sleep better and wake up healthier.

Before we consider the right texture of mattress for you, it is best to let you know that the alignment of your body during sleep is a big chunk of a factor contributing to the overall quality of sleep you get.

Structural imbalance during sleep can affect the way we breathe as our body can't hold more oxygen if our neck, middle back, and lower back are not properly aligned. If this is so, the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for inducing and promoting relaxation, is also compromised.

Reduced oxygen intake can also lead to the production of cortisol and adrenaline, both of which cause stress and hyperactivity. Wrong body alignment can also promote joint pain and poor blood circulation all throughout the body.

So which mattress is right for you? Hard or soft? Let me discuss the Pros and Cons of each one.

Pros of a Hard Mattress

  • facilitates a neutral spine position which is needed during sleep
  • improves blood circulation all throughout the body
  • prevents our lower back from collapsing as the firm mattress promotes absorption of more oxygen
  • it is ideal if you have sleeping props like body pillows and bolsters

Cons of a Hard Mattress

  • Not ideal for people with lower back problems such as arthritis, scoliosis, rheumatism, among others
  • the mattress could be quite uncomfortable especially if you were used to sleeping on a soft mattress
  • your body will create indentations on the mattress depending on where you usually position

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