Sunday, April 17, 2016

How a Mattress Can Affect Your Sleep and Your Overall Quality of Life

If you lack sleep or haven’t had slept at all in 24 hours, you’ll feel groggy, unproductive, and easily irritated. This is why experts highly recommend seven to eight hours of sleep before a person goes on about his day. Hours of Sleep vs. Quality of Sleep However, the length of sleep is not as much important as the quality. Are you spending your slumber time in a blissful, undisturbed state or are you just turning and tossing around every half an hour or so? A good mattress plays a big role. If you’re going to spend the cold nights in Orange County, a good mattress is a must. Studies have shown that uncomfortable mattresses made from low-quality materials can cause discomfort and pain, especially when the weather is cold. The consequence of this is sleep deprivation, which may ultimately result to slower metabolism, sour mood and weaker immune system.!How-a-Mattress-Can-Affect-Your-Sleep-and-Your-Overall-Quality-of-Life/c1b9i/57073b450cf2ecf50ee7bed6

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